Re: Dealing with application names in a JEE web app

Lew <>
Thu, 26 May 2011 19:39:07 -0400
markspace wrote:

Lew wrote:

I've been able to work out "all this" pretty much from
the MyFaces docs and the articles in IBM DeveloperWorks.

Thanks for pointing out those additional resources. I think right now I'm

I forgot to mention the most important one: lots of example apps that I
created in my (copious) spare time. I went nuts in JSF 1.something when
"rendered='false'" on first page call would prevent a component from being in
the tree, never to be reinserted in postback when the value flipped to 'true'.
  They fixed that later. I went nuts overall until I began to grok the
six-stage component lifecycle of JSF. I went nuts until I learned that every
backing bean is a controller, unlike the front-controller pattern familiar to
Model 2 and Struts mavens. I still don't use "immediate='true'".

I must've tried every variation of URL in JSF, JSTL, jsp:useBean and such
structures as I've learned my J{2,ava }EE skills in order to learn where
things need to be for the app server to find them. I still am not fully aware
of the nuances.

mostly concerned that the JSF 2.1 spec seems a lot less complete than the JSP
and Servlet one, and that the book I purchased by the spec co-lead seems
equally abbreviated. You'd think Sun (and now Oracle) would be most interested
in making sure that accurate and complete documentation is available. "Google
for it and read some blogs" seems like the opposite of that idea.

Don't mind me though, I'm typically grumpy when I'm trying to plow my way
through new concepts.

Curmudgeons of the world, uni- - - ah, screw it!

If programming was easy, anyone could do it. Sometimes you just have to bang
your (metaphorical) head against the (metaphorical) brick walls until
something (hopefully the wall) crumbles (metaphorically). And I truly found
that GIMF through all that with JSF.


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