Re: Java servlet on browsers: dying or kicking ?

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Fri, 28 Dec 2012 11:14:20 -0500
On 12/28/2012 3:41 AM, Kevin McMurtrie wrote:

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  Arne Vajh?j <> wrote:

On 12/27/2012 2:20 AM, Kevin McMurtrie wrote:

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Ha, my mistake; "servlet" should actually be "applet". Thanks for
correcting me.

Definitely in decline. HTML 5 + WebSockets can make fully interactive
applications that look and feel native. The improvements are so great
that the dreaded workflow and business logic tier can be moved from the
server side to the client side. Moving that tier to the client takes a
HUGE load off the server, making the server a pure number cruncher and
data service.

Business logic should not be put in client side JS.

Client side JS can be manipulated by the user.

Some of the most difficult business logic is creating the workflow that
defines a smoothly operating online product. It's a complex process of
analyzing where you've been, what you chose to do, what data you have,
what operations are available, and then offering meaningful solutions to
reaching the next step. That used to be sprinkled all over the client
and server sides, making it difficult to maintain. Now much of that can
now go in the JavaScript layer.

Business logic related to security and data integrity remains on the
server. What's gone is the hand-holding steps to recovery when
integrity would be violated. Now it's just a 4xx status code.

It is certainly possible to move the flow logic (success go to
this page, error 1 go to another page, error 2 go to yet another
page - all the Struts 1 action-mappings !) to client side

But I must admit that I do not consider that business logic.

IMHO that is pure UI. I consider heavy AJAX to move the UI layer
from server tier to client tier and replace it in server tier with
a service layer.


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