Re: Synchronization with threads

Daniel Pitts <>
Fri, 08 Feb 2008 07:23:58 -0800
<47ac73d4$0$14886$> wrote:


I have a class which is not a thread which executes the following
public void myFunc() {
MyMainThread thread = new MyMainThread();

A thread creates many subthreads which role is to fill in the
ArrayList (defined for thread). Next, I would like to pass this
arrayList to myFunc in the moment when all subthreads have finished
its job (so that I am sure that arraylist is complete) and immediately
start exec method.

I have two problems:
- how to pass this arrayList from thread (can I simply use method from
thread to return it? will the thread be still active?)
- how can I suspend an execution of myFunc() till the mainThread
finish creating arrayList?

Would be very grateful for effective solutions of these problems.

Regards, Mark

this sounds like a bad idea, unless you make sure your using proper

I suggest looking into the standard ExecutorService and
CompletionService classes.

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