Re: Arrays in java

Patricia Shanahan <>
Tue, 17 Jul 2012 03:04:59 -0700
glen herrmannsfeldt wrote:

Patricia Shanahan <> wrote:


Putting it in the context of this thread, I would say it includes
knowing that "int[] productIDs = {10,20,30};" is normal code to declare
an array reference and initialize it. I am not sure it includes knowing
which weird arrangements of "[]" placement are permitted for
multi-dimensional arrays.

I suppose if you know one way of writing something that is enough.
You don't need to know all of them to successfully write programs.

In between, there is knowing the ways of writing something that are in
common use. That is the level that is needed to be able to read and
modify normal, reasonably well-written, existing code.

I contend that reading the JLS is not necessary for that level of
knowledge of Java. Reading good secondary sources is likely to be more

After learning enough languages, I do tend to go for the
authoritative source, but that might not be best
for everyone.

Or even best for the same person at different stages in their
professional development.


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