Re: Interrupted exception chaining

Daniel Pitts <>
Tue, 25 Sep 2012 09:22:58 -0700
On 9/25/12 3:25 AM, wrote:

Is there a recommended way of "chaining" interrupted exceptions?

This is to implement a method call that doesn't throw an interrupted exception, but which calls a method which can be interrupted.

public void uninterruptableWait(Object c) {
     boolean done = false;
     boolean interrupted = false;
     synchronized (c) {
         while (!done) {
             try {
                 done = true;
             } catch (InterrupedException ie) {
                 interrupted = true;
     if (interrupted) {

If that interrupt was unexpected, and causes a stack trace, then it would be nice if it could include the details from the thrown exception.

Is there a better way to do the above?

To take a pattern from Spring Binding (which may have taken it from
elsewhere), you can keep a list of the caught exceptions, and then at
the end of your method if that list is not empty, throw a new exception
which contains the list.

BTW, the stack-trace will only be on the c.wait() line, since that is
where the interrupted exception will be thrown. This does not help you
know who interrupted you unexpectedly.

Do you really have a use-case for uninterruptableWait? Perhaps you
should instead have a different approach to interrupting that thread.
An interrupt is often a result of a user-action, and ignoring it will
make users mad. It may also be the case that the interrupt was caused
because something else failed, and waiting no longer is useful.

I'd be curious to read your use case. I've written similar code in the
past, and have since realized it was misguided.

Good luck,

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