Re: Java version check and auro-jre download (was Re: J2EE)

Richard Maher <>
Tue, 17 Sep 2013 19:04:24 +0800
On 9/9/2013 8:21 AM, Arne Vajh??j wrote:

On 9/3/2013 9:00 AM, Richard Maher wrote:

On 9/3/2013 11:00 AM, markspace wrote:

On 9/2/2013 4:37 PM, Arne Vajh??j wrote:

But based on the very little I have been using it then I would
expect the .jnlp file to contain:

<java version="1.7+" href="" />

Yes, I was going to say the same thing: Richard might find it helpful
to read the manual and use the correct syntax. One web search turned up
this exact thing for me, in the Java tutorials on the Oracle website, no

Richard was/is talking Applets as usual and am quite happy to be told
that the syntax for the PARAM tag OBJECT tag combo is not what I've
quoted. Tried both + and * and just plain old 1.7 after deleting it and
only installing 1.6.

You mean in an applet tag??

No, no, no Arne! I meant what I said: -

Nested param elements inside an applet or object tag are passed to
Java - the browser do not do anything with it.

But the Plug-In does! Take the following list that I dynamically inject
into the DOM at run-time: -

     var appletParams = [{"name":"archive",
"value":archiveName },
                         {"name":"codebase", "value":codeBase
                         {"name":"code", "value":className
                         {"name":"java_version", "value":"1.7*"
                         {"name":"mayscript", "value":"true"
                         {"name":"scriptable", "value":"true"
                         {"name":"codebase_lookup", "value":"false"
                         {"name":"permissions", "value":"sandbox"
                         {"name":"cache_option", "value":"no"
"value":application },
                         {"name":"PORT", "value":port
                         {"name":"MAXBUF", "value":maxBuf
"value":this.hostCharSet },
"value":this.sslReqd },
"value":this.handshake },
"value":this.idleTimeout },
"value":this.verbosity }];

I think you'll find, and take the time to acknowledge, that only those
in UPPERCASE are of no interest to the JPI?

So that construct will enable your applet to get the required Java
version - it will not do anything by itself.

Please PLEASE spend the time to read the ORACLE nee SUN documentation at: -

It has been my experience (although Oracle seems to require an OTN
account to download older JREs these days, so I can???t re-confirm) that: -

1) If you have Java 6 and 7 on a system and I select 1.6 with my OBJECT
tag then I will get a Java 6 JVM
2) If I have only Java 6 on my system and I request, nay mandate, Java 7
then the Plug-in says ???What???s the big deal? Java???s Java! Just take 6 and
see how you get on???.

No errors; no nothing :-(

Even though the above link clearly states that an auto-download of the
desired Java version can be triggered by the use of the ???java_version???
PARAM, I???m happy that it doesn???t and just fails but I insist it not fail
silently. Is this really too much to ask from a vendor?

Oracle are still publishing misleading Tag bullshit like this: -

Completely different from JNLP java element that gets processed
by Java before it calls the applet and has version check and update

JNLP relies on the complete crap of strategies that I've paraphrased
from http://ORACLE/LarryTheLoungeLizard/DeployShit.js as seen below.

A simple question: - "Why can't Java provide the advertised
functionality since 'The New Java Plug-In' circa 6.10?" And if it can't
why can't you stop failing silently you incompetent twats?

I think you should look into JWS and JNLP.

I think you should read more out of your comfort zone. For example: -

50 shades of Larry's ego :-(


Cheers Richard Maher

PS. (Why the fuck do I have to do this?) As gleaned from the warped mind
of someone Larry chooses to employ: -


   <script type="text/javascript">

   function isJavaInstalled(version)
     var compare;

    if ( == '[object Array]') {
        var versionList = version;
        compare = function(a,b) {
                      return a == b;
    } else {
        var versionList = [version];
        compare = function(a,b) {
                      return a >= b; // Bad luck for IE. Use [7,8,9]?

    if (window.ActiveXObject) {
        for (var i=0; i<versionList.length; i++) {
            try {
                   var fred = new ActiveXObject('JavaWebStart.isInstalled.1.' +
versionList[i] + '.0.0');
                   return true;
                } catch (err) {}

    if (navigator.mimeTypes) { // Opera Mime Types don't de-install
        for (var i=0; i<versionList.length; i++) {
            for (var j = 0; j<navigator.mimeTypes.length; j++) {
(navigator.mimeTypes[j].type.indexOf('/x-java-applet;jpi-version') != -1) {
                    var dotArray = navigator.mimeTypes[j].type.split('.');
                    try {
                        if (dotArray.length > 1 &&
compare(parseInt(dotArray[1].match("[1-9]*")), versionList[i])) {
                            return true;
                    } catch (err) {}

     return false;


   function load() {


   <body id="torso" onload="load()"
onunload="(function(){console.log('In unload')})();">



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