Re: Remote access to Tomcat web server

Lew <>
Fri, 01 Jun 2007 10:34:26 -0400
David Segall wrote:

I assume http://localhost:8080/ and from the remote machine both give you the
default Tomcat home page. wrote:

That is my problem!

http://localhost:8080/ (in a local contest) gives me the Tomcat home
page, while (in a remote contest) doesn't :-(

I am repeatedly thrown by your use of the word "contest":

   1. (uncountable) controversy; debate
          no contest

   2. (uncountable) struggle for superiority; combat
   3. (countable) a competition
          The child entered the spelling contest.

Perhaps you mean "context"?

I think I would change some of the server.xml settings, but I read the
Tomcat's documentation and it seems "never ending!". Is it so hard for
everybody to understand those documentation pages?

If this profession were easy, anyone could do it. Programming is not for the

By the way, I tried another way to solve my problem.

First of all, I installed "Easy PHP" (a free sw that contains an
Apache web server, also);
Then I activated it;
And than I installed Tomcat (Windows auto-installing version);

Well, this time I noted that server.xml was very different than

And (yes!) it works!

Remote access to Tomcat home page is ok;
Running of my servlet is ok;
Accessing to the MySQL (remote) database is ok.

What is happening? Why is it working, now, while before didn't?
I can't post the two server.xml files, since they are so large...

On the one hand you ask for answers, on the other you withhold the information
that would let someone help.

Much of the server.xml that comes with Tomcat is comments; you can delete all
that safely.

It is a useful exercise to pare down the server.xml, item by item until it
stops working, Then you learn what makes it work and what doesn't.

It is also useful to read the documentation associated with Tomcat. Study it.

There are also many other configuration files that are relevant. For example,
Apache Web Server uses httpd.conf to set up how it responds to, say, different
IP addresses in the target URL.

It is useful to read the documentation associated with Apache Web Server.
Study it.

Now, I'm almost sure my problem is a setting problem.

Must I read all of the documentation pages to understand how to allow
remote access?


Are there anybody that can tell me how I can do?

Yes. I could, for example, and did, here.


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