Re: dircolors (was: Great SWT Program)

Lew <>
Tue, 16 Oct 2007 11:27:48 -0400
Lew wrote:

That's the magic of .dircolors and LS_COLORS. wrote:

Cool -- I just learned something else new. (Did you really mean
to put that dot before "dircolors"?)

(Must .... resist .... temptation to play with this to solve the
problem of some of the default colors not showing up nicely on a
dark background.)

Yes, I meant the dot. .dircolors is a setup file for the dircolors command.

$ man dircolors

By convention, you create a file ~/.dircolors and put in your startup script
(such as .profile):

eval `dircolors -b .dircolors`

if you're Bourneish, or use the CShellish equivalent with the '-c' option
replacing '-b'. (The back-ticks are significant.)

$ cat ~/.dircolors
# Below, there should be one TERM entry for each termtype that is colorizable
TERM linux
TERM linux-c
TERM console
TERM vt100

# Below are the color init strings for the basic file types. A color init
# string consists of one or more of the following numeric codes:
# Attribute codes:
# 00=none 01=bold 04=underscore 05=blink 07=reverse 08=concealed
# Text color codes:
# 30=black 31=red 32=green 33=yellow 34=blue 35=magenta 36=cyan 37=white
# Background color codes:
# 40=black 41=red 42=green 43=yellow 44=blue 45=magenta 46=cyan 47=white
NORMAL 00 # global default, although everything should be something.
FILE 00 # normal file
DIR 1;4;33 # directory
LINK 0;4;36 # symbolic link. (If you set this to 'target' instead of a
                 # numerical value, the color is as for the file pointed to.)
FIFO 40;33 # pipe
SOCK 01;35 # socket
DOOR 01;35 # door
BLK 40;33;01 # block device driver
CHR 40;33;01 # character device driver
ORPHAN 40;31;01 # symlink to nonexistent file

# This is for files with execute permission:
EXEC 1;32

# media
..png 1;35
..mpg 1;35
..mp3 1;35
..wav 1;35

# source 1;36
..jsp 1;36
..html 1;36
..cpp 1;36
..hpp 1;36
..cxx 1;36
..hxx 1;36
..sgml 1;36
..xml 1;36
..xsd 1;36
..wsdl 1;36
..wsdd 1;36 1;36 1;36
..el 1;36 1;36

# documents
..txt 37
..doc 37
..sxw 37



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