Re: existing utility class to escape/unescape xml

Owen Jacobson <>
Tue, 4 Mar 2008 15:39:29 -0800 (PST)
On Mar 4, 4:30 pm, NetKev <> wrote:

I use JAXB to stuff some data into xml and pass it on to a client-side
ajax application. I'm thinking I need to escape the data before
stuffing it in. Are there any available utility classes to do this?
I will eventually need to do the reverse when I get data from the
client app.

Incidentally, I need to do the same thing in javascript on the client
side and it needs to be compatible with the java implementation. Any
pointers for that will help me as well.


JAXB handles this for you. So do the underlying DOM APIs. So does
SAX, if you want to go that way. Pretty much any sensible API for
processing XML will automatically translate between the value of an
attribute or text node (which does not contain escape sequences) and
the representation (which does).

Thus, if you serialize a bean containing the string "foo & bar" as a
field value using JAXB, the resulting XML should contain "foo &amp;
bar" in the appropriate place.


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