Re: Question on Java .form and Eclipse

Lew <com.lewscanon@lew>
Fri, 01 Aug 2008 08:37:25 -0400
GArlington wrote:

On Jul 31, 7:30 pm, Hongyu <> wrote:


Sorry for asking such simple questions first, but I can't find it from
the Internet, and I am a newbie to Java and Eclipse and don't have
someone to ask around.

I got a zipped java source code, after unzipping, it contains
some .java, .jar, and .form files. I have asked how to import them
into Eclipse in this forum before. Here I have a new question:

The .form files are created by which software, and how can it open in
Eclipse? I knew that in Visual Basic one can create .form by dragging
and dropping different components suach as buttons. I would guess that
this java .form is simiar to that VB .form. I checked from Internet
that it seems there is one like JFormDesigner for java, but i also saw
that it creates .jfd file rather than .form file. When I open the
java .form in the Eclipse, I saw some xml code. The .java code
contains "import javax.swing.*;", so I would assume those .form is
also from java swing, but how it is obtained and how it can open/edit
like figure form in Eclipse? Can someone kindly help me?

Thanks a lot for the help in advance.


I never encountered .form source files in Java before, but I suspect
that it may be a programmer's way of defining a dynamic entry form. It
is NOT uncommon and fairly useful. So, I would try to look at the code
and see if it loads form definition form this.form file

Doesn't NetBeans create .form files?



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