Re: Query regarding XSLT "Root element not set"

Lew <>
Wed, 22 Jul 2009 20:45:58 -0400
Amit Jain wrote:

I am getting below exception will running program:
************* exception start **********
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IllegalStateException: Root
element not set
    at org.jdom.Document.getContent(
    at SimpleXalan1.main(
************* exception ends ********** [...]

Peter Duniho wrote:

Just like the exception and the return value from the method
"hasRootElement()" both say, your output document has no root element.
You probably want to use "copy-of" instead of "value-of", and you probably
want a copy of "." not "message".

But in any case, your question is not a Java question at all. It's an
XSLT question and as such you should be posting it in an XSLT forum (e.g.
the XSLT mailing list). In the meantime, get a copy of the xsltproc
utility (if it's not already installed on your computer) and use that to
test your XSLT code, so that you're not trying to figure out the XML,
XSLT, and Java all at the same time.

One also has to wonder about the doubled slashes in the path names.

Amit Jain wrote:

Document xsltdoc ="C://Workspace//xsltdemo//classes//message.xsl");
Document inputDoc ="C://Workspace//xsltdemo//classes//message.xml");

Why do you double the slashes?


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