Re: Passing a member function to another func.

David Wilkinson <>
Sun, 14 May 2006 05:38:25 -0400
dududuil wrote:

I am trying to pass one class member (NOT STATIC!) to another func, and fail
to compile.
I try to do something like this:

struct A { void fa1(); void fa2(); };

struct B {
  void (*m_fb)();
  void SetFA(void (*fa)()) {m_fb = fa;};

void main()
 A a;
 B b;
 b.SetFA( &a.fa1 ); // Compile error: C2276!!!

Note: func A::fa can not be static.

How can I do this?
What I want is to decide on run time, which method to call. I can simply use
an "if" statement, but I worry about performance.

Dudu Arbel


B must hold both an instance of A and pointer to memmber of A.

// Untested

struct A { void fa1(); void fa2(); };

struct B {
   A* m_pA;
   void (A::*m_fA)();
   void SetFA(A* pA, void (A::*fA)()) {m_pA = pA; m_fA = fA;}
   void Invoke() {(m_pA->*m_fA)();}

int main() // not void
  A a;
  B b;
  b.SetFA(&a, &A::fa1 );
  return 0;

David Wilkinson

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