Re: COM event sinks

"Alex Blekhman" <xfkt@oohay.moc>
Wed, 6 Dec 2006 11:03:30 +0200
<> wrote:

I am having a lot of trouble getting event sinks working
with COM. My
code compiles, but the sink function never gets called.

I was wondering if someone can recommend a good tutorial
or some code
relating to this. I've seen some already, but I couldn't
get it
working based on their info.

IMO, the best tutorial for COM beginner is "Inside COM" by
Dale Rogerson. It starts from very basic C++ program and
from chapter to chapter explores various COM topics.

If you need example of COM events usage, then just search
MSDN for IConnectionPoint and IConnectionPointContainer.
Here are two samples that pop out immediately:

KB181277 - "The AtlSink.exe sample demonstrates how to
implement a dispinterface sink by using the Active Template
Library (ATL) in Visual C++"

KB152087 - "Connpts.exe sample demonstrates how to implement
connection points and connection point sinks in Visual C++"

Also, search There are a lot of good
examples for COM events.


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