Re: Regular Expressions in VC++

"Alex Blekhman" <xfkt@oohay.moc>
Thu, 25 Jan 2007 15:28:03 +0200
"Yogi Watcher" wrote:

Does VC++ supports regular expressions. I mean does it
come with regular
expression library or I have to buy it from somewhere?

If it is provided as part of VC++, then what library to

If it is not provided then where can I buy (or get free)
regular expression

You have following options if you need regular expressions
in C++ code:

1. ATL `CAtlRegExp' class. It supports decent regexp grammar
and appropriate for most tasks. Requirements: VC++ v7.x
(IIRC) and higher, ATL.

"CAtlRegExp Class"

2. Scripting `RegExp' COM object. It supports a little bit
richer syntax than `CAtlRegExp' class. Requirements: IE5.0,

"Regular Expression Syntax (Scripting)"

3. `boost::regex' library. It has quite rich set of features
and constantly debugged by numerous developers [hopefully].
Rumor has it that `boost::regex' library will become C++
standard eventually. Personally, I don't like it much
because it requires inclusion of huge boost library and
quite complicated in itself. However, it's the most advanced
regexp library for C++ available for free. Requirements: C++
compiler, `boost' library.

"Regular expression library, from John Maddock."

4. `GRETA' library by Eric Niebler. It's part of "VC++
PowerTools" package now. `GRETA' fully supports Pearl 5
syntax. Personally, I like this library for its lightweight
size and very good performance speeds. Also, in my opinion,
it's easier to use `GRETA' library than `boost::regex'.
Requirements: C++ compiler, `GRETA' library.

"The GRETA Regular Expression Template Archive" - user's

"VC++ PowerTools" - download


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