Re: Reading HTML params in ActiveX

"Sheng Jiang[MVP]" <>
Thu, 5 Jul 2007 13:03:28 -0500
MFC implements IPersistPropertyBag in the COleControl class and calls
DoPropExchange. What you need to do is overriding DoPropExchange and add PX_
entries in it.
void CActiveXCtrl::DoPropExchange(CPropExchange* pPX)
        ExchangeVersion(pPX, MAKELONG(_wVerMinor, _wVerMajor));
        if (pPX->GetVersion() == (DWORD)MAKELONG(_wVerMinor, _wVerMajor))

Sheng Jiang
Microsoft MVP in VC++
<> wrote in message

On Jul 3, 10:19 pm, "Sheng Jiang[MVP]"
<> wrote:

search for IPersistPropertyBag

Sheng Jiang
Microsoft MVP in VC++<> wrote in message

Dear Experts,

I have an activex control. I am not able to figure out how the control
is reading the HTML param values from .htm page. Can some body guide
me or show me some links for more information.

Thanks and Regards


Thanks for the reply. But I could not find IPersistPropertyBag in the
code. I am new to activex technology. This control is an MFC activex.
I created a HTML page using the ActiveX control pad. I would like to
know where the data exchage is happening between the control and the
HTML page.


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