Re: CoInitializeEx and MTA

"Igor Tandetnik" <>
Tue, 1 Jul 2008 00:53:55 -0400
"George" <> wrote in message

There are per-thread resources, too. CoUninitialize in a thread frees
resources allocated for this thread when it leaves MTA apartment.

I am confused. In point 1 of the question, you think it is correct
that no resource is allocated from the 2nd call to CoInitializeEx.

I meant second call on the same thread. It either fails, or returns
S_FALSE and does nothing (except incrementing some internal counter).

Every thread that wants to use COM must call CoInitialize[Ex]. The first
such call (the first for the calling thread, not for the apartment or
for the process) returns S_OK and allocates per-thread resources.
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    Igor Tandetnik

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