Re: Command line style switch for MFC GUI app?

"Tom Serface" <>
Mon, 10 Nov 2008 09:35:55 -0800
To add to AliR's link... I typically just do something like this in my

void CMyApp::ParseCommandLine(CCommandLineInfo& rCmdInfo)
     for (int i = 1; i < __argc; i++) {
          LPCTSTR pszParam = __targv[i];
          CString csParam = pszParam;
          BOOL bFlag = FALSE;
          BOOL bLast = ((i + 1) == __argc);

          if(csParam == _T("-rx") || csParam == _T("/rx"))
               m_ReadOnly = false;
          else if(csParam == _T("-r") || csParam == _T("/r"))
               m_ReadOnly = true;
          else if(csParam.Find(_T("-value")) != -1 ||
csParam.Find(_T("/value")) != -1) { // Passed in like /value:Text
               CString cs = pszParam;
               int index = cs.Find(_T(':'));
               if(index != -1) {
                   m_csPassedInValue = cs.Mid(index+1);

    if (pszParam[0] == _T('-') || pszParam[0] == _T('/')) {
        bFlag = TRUE;
     rCmdInfo.ParseParam(pszParam, bFlag, bLast);


"Moschops" <> wrote in message

I have inherited a large MFC app. I want to add an option to dump the log,
which currently goes to a console window, to a file. The code to do this is
written and works fine. However, it is important that the option to do so
is not presented to a standard user (the app is already in use and changes
to the interface are to be avoided if possible - the end users are very
time-constrained in their actions, reacting to events in real-time, and
adding buttons etc. just confuses them!) . As such, I'd like it to be
triggered by the command calling the application.

In essence, some kind of command line switch along the lines of:

"bigProcess.exe" for normal users, logging t oconsole, and

"bigProcess.exe -a" for logging to file.

I've no idea how to do this - I've had a poke at the CCommandLineInfo
object but I'm not quite sure what I'm doing with it. Any explanation of
how to go about this would be appreciated.


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