Re: enum problem - getting C4482

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Mon, 12 Jun 2006 22:43:02 -0700
"Igor Tandetnik" wrote:

"Stick" <> wrote in message

I've got this enum defined in a base class Beverage:


switch (this->getSize())
case SIZE::TALL:

Enum declaration does not introduce a namespace for its values. They are
in the enclosing namespace - in your case, in the namespace of an
enclosing class. Make it

case TALL:

or, if you want to be exceedingly explicit,

case Beverage::TALL:

Ah, this makes perfect sense. I am explicit as it helps me to see when
'intellisense' in VS doesn't see what I think is there.

What I notice is that if I define Beverage this way:

#pragma once

#include <iostream>
#include <string>

using namespace std;

typedef enum SIZE { TALL, GRANDE, VENTI };

// Class Declaration
class Beverage
    SIZE size;
    string description;
    Beverage(string, SIZE);
    virtual ~Beverage(void);
    virtual void setSize(SIZE);
    virtual SIZE getSize();
    virtual void setDescription(string);
    virtual string getDescription();
    virtual double cost() = 0;

MS intellisense can't see TALL as a part of the class, and I have to typedef
it as it is a return type for the getSize() function, for example.

So I am thinking I am still doing something wrong. Here is Beverage.cpp too
in case this helps.

#include "Beverage.h"

Beverage::Beverage() { }

Beverage::Beverage(string description, SIZE size)
    this->description = description;
    this->size = size;

Beverage::~Beverage() { }

SIZE Beverage::getSize()
    return this->size;

void Beverage::setSize(SIZE size)
    this->size = size;

string Beverage::getDescription()
    return this->description;

void Beverage::setDescription(string description)
    this->description = description;

Thanks, this has been a big help.

Warm regards, Patrick

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