RE: Help with class definition for a beginner

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Thu, 15 Jun 2006 02:48:02 -0700

"Stick" wrote:

Ok, I'm stumped. I'm sure this is easy to do, but my brain is missing it.

I'm experimenting with some code to learn, and want to extend the class
below to be able to have a "size". Now, I want size to be private, so I
added the get and set methods.

Here's where I am missing something. I want to be able to encapsulate the
sizes here with the class, so I was thinking of putting an enum here like

enum Size { TALL, GRANDE, VENTI};

but this doesn't get put in the Beverage namespace, so I can't do things like:

You mean Beverage class ?

if ( size == Beverage::TALL) or Case Beverage::TALL:

If the enum is in the global scope, you should use it with no qualifier.

How can I do this?

class Beverage
    Beverage(string, int);
    virtual ~Beverage(void);
    void setSize(int);
    int getSize();
    virtual void setDescription(string);
    virtual string getDescription();
    virtual double cost() = 0;
    int size;
    string description;

Either put the enum into the class:

class Beverage
    enum Size { TALL, GRANDE, VENTI};
// your code...
.... and use it with the qualifier from ouside:

Or declare the enum globally and use like so:

Note: it would be a good style to declare the input and output types of
Beverage::setSize and Beverage::getSize as enum Size.

  void setSize(Size sz);
  Size getSize();


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