Re: how to maximize reusability?

"Tom Serface" <>
Wed, 10 Oct 2007 14:29:41 -0700
You could have a Render() function in the base class that just does nothing
and make it virtual so that the other classes could override the function if
needed and do what they need or you could force the issue in your base class
with a pure virtual function something like:

Render() = 0;

which would cause the derived classes to have to implement their own
functionality or else fail to compile.

That way the Render() function would have to be specified for each derived

Check out the description in this link under Virtual members or Abstract
Base Classes:


"Jack" <> wrote in message

I wonder what are the general methods to reuse a class component as much
as possible?
Like the case I showed you guys a few days ago

class CPerson : public CPathFinder

class CSupervisor : public CPerson

I'd like to declare and define once for one single method...
Some behaviours of classes are common, but don't know if I should put it
in the base class or derived class....
For example:
class CPathFinder

Render() is used in CPerson and CSupervisor. But Render() in CPathFinder
doesn't make sense cos it is not a tangiable object at all. How do I do
classifications and encapsulations here? also if I put render in CPerson,
Do all classes derived from CPerson needn't to declare and define the same
method again? That should be what is meant by "reusable"? No???

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