#import ignores enums?

"Chris Shearer Cooper" <chrisnews@sc3.net>
Fri, 12 Oct 2007 08:21:41 -0600
Sorry for the cross-post, but I have absolutely no idea which newsgroup this
question should go into ...

I have a DLL that I am creating in C++, using the Microsoft attributed
stuff, and it contains an enum like this in my H file:

enum eInterfaces
eDoodad = 1,
eFlipper = 2

and then I have an entry in my __interface that looks like this :

[propget, id(23), helpstring("property Interface")] HRESULT Interface([out,
retval] enum eInterfaces* pVal);

The compiler creates an IDL file with the same values in it.

But when I #import that DLL into my EXE, the resulting TLH has completely
lost the enum. I get things like this :

long Interface;

and this :

long GetInterface ( );

and this :

virtual HRESULT __stdcall get_Interface (/*[out,retval]*/ long * pVal ) = 0;

but no enum.

Am I missing something obvious? Or does #import not know how to import
enums? Or does MIDL not actually put my enum in the DLL in a place that
#import can find it?


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