Re: call base class function or derived class function

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Wed, 19 Mar 2008 06:04:01 -0700
Sorry, Igor

For get the code,

class Foo {
    virtual void foo() = 0;
    int i;
    Foo (int _i) : i(_i)
        i = 100;

void Foo::foo()


class Derived : public Foo {
    Derived (int _i) : Foo (_i)


    void foo()


int main()
    Derived d (100);

    return 0;


"Igor Tandetnik" wrote:

George <> wrote:

You could a) look at vtable under debugger, or b) try to call the

I doubt whether method (a) works. You know we can not create an
object of abstract class, and we can only create an instance of
derived class. How could we monitor the vtable of the abstract base
class to see whether the pure virtual method of base class is in
vtable of instance of abstract base class?

Put a breakpoint into the abstract class' constructor. Inspect vtable
when stopped on this breakpoint. The vtable should be that of the base
With best wishes,
    Igor Tandetnik

With sufficient thrust, pigs fly just fine. However, this is not
necessarily a good idea. It is hard to be sure where they are going to
land, and it could be dangerous sitting under them as they fly
overhead. -- RFC 1925

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