Re: Can't seem to get abstract to work in unmanaged class

"Alex Blekhman" <xfkt@oohay.moc>
Fri, 25 Aug 2006 16:58:09 +0300
"nickdu" <> wrote in message

I want to define something like an interface, however I
want one of the
methods to make use of a variable number of arguments and
since an interface
won't let me do that I figured an abstract class would be
the next best
thing. After reading
I assumed I would be able to define this unmanaged C++
abstract class in
VS.NET 2003. However when I compile with the class
defined as:

#pragma once

#include <stdarg.h>

class ILogger abstract
virtual void Log(short type, long severityLevel, const
char *format, ...) =
virtual void LogArg(short type, long severityLevel, const
char *format,
va_list argList) = 0;

I get the following error:

c:\data\development\interface\logger.h(6) : error C2470:
'abstract' : looks
a function definition, but there is no formal parameter
list; skipping

If I remove 'abstract' it compiles fine.

What am I doing wrong?

`abstract' keyword is VS2005 feature (C++/CLI, to be exact).
I'm not sure it's available in VS2003.NET.

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