c++/cli compiler oddity

"Martin Lafferty" <no@spam.thanks>
Sun, 14 Jan 2007 04:42:54 -0800
Consider the following wee snippet of C#:

  public interface ITest {
    void Test();

  public abstract class A<T> {
    public abstract T FuncA();

  public abstract class B<T>: A<T> where T : ITest {
    public void FuncB() {

this compiles fine.

Here is the same thing in C++

  public interface class ITest {
    virtual void Test() = 0;

  generic<typename T>
  public ref class A abstract {
    virtual T Func() = 0;

  generic<typename T> where T : ITest
  public ref class B abstract : public A<T> {
    void FuncB() {
    //error C2039: 'Test' : is not a member of 'System::Object'


This does not compile. The constraint on T seems to be ignored.

if FuncB is written as follows:

  generic<typename T> where T : ITest
  public ref class B abstract : public A<T> {
    void FuncB() {
      T x = Func();

It compiles! Is this expected behaviour?


Martin L

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