Re: what is a virtual base class

"Alex Blekhman" <>
Fri, 1 Aug 2008 12:25:31 +0300
"Daniel" wrote:

I am not able to understand from the MSDN documentation on
virtual base class
( just
exactly what it is.

Virtual inheritance ensures that there will be only one instance
of base class in descendant instances. Virtual base class solves
so called diamond problem. Read more about it here:

"[25.8] What is the "dreaded diamond"?"

I understand what an abstract class is. There is also a
specific kind of abstract class that has pure virtual functions.
I don't remember what it's called. Could someone expound upon

There is no specific kind of abstract class. A class may be either
abstract or not. End of story. An abstract class is a class that
has one or more pure virtul functions. Due to pure virtual
functions no instance of such class can be created. That's why it
is called "abstract". That's all.

"[22.3] What is an ABC?"


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