Re: Popup Menu Does Not Update

"Tom Serface" <>
Wed, 13 Sep 2006 08:32:05 -0700
I didn't realize you were doing a "range" of items in the same routine.
This can be tricky. I assume you are checking the ID to make sure that it's
the one you were expecting and that it's not getting called again which may
be undoing the check you just made? This is a mysterious one to be sure.
You may want to post some more code up.


"Ali" <> wrote in message


I don't know about MDI/SDI. I don't have CSingleDocTemplate or
CMultiDocTemplate anywhere in the code. I'm really new to C++ in
general and this is a large existing application that I'm trying to
learn about, so these concepts are totally new to me. Is it possible
that it's neither? I know that you can only have one instance of the
application open at a time; there are dialog boxes that you can open
and close based on selections that you make from the menu, and they
interact with the data in the main window, but you can't have multiple
instances of it like you would with word documents or excel

I have an ON_UPDATE_COMMAND_UI handler for the items in the submenu
(actually, all items are handled by the same handler, thus it is really
ON_UPDATE_COMMAND_UI_RANGE), and when I open the parent menu, it does
stop on the breakpoint that I put in the ON_UPDATE_COMMAND_UI_RANGE
handler for the submenu items, and it looks as though it calls SetCheck
(it stops there and if I do a "Step Into" it looks like it follows the
right path...). After I make a selection from the submenu, if I open
submenu one time, the checkmark does not appear. If I move off of the
submenu and then re-open it, the checkmark then appears.

I guess I don't have any concept of what is happening between the time
when I open the submenu the first time and when I open it the second
time that is causing the menu to be refreshed and the checkmark to
appear. I am not making any additional selections, just mousing over
different portions of the menu. I am wondering if there is something
to the fact that the handler for the submenu is being called when the
parent menu is opened - is that the correct behavior? Perhaps it
shouldn't be getting called until I make an attempt to open the
submenu? Not sure. It's not really under my control (I don't think?)
so I have been assuming that it's passing the right message at the
right time.


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