Re: Framework enables menu item regardless?

"Tom Serface" <>
Mon, 18 Jun 2007 17:00:53 -0700
The framework has default handlers that enable menu items when there is a
handler unless you overwrite the UI handler. I don't think the style makes
any difference.


"Eric Lilja" <> wrote in message

Hello, one of the menu items in my resource script is the following:

(This is actually an old project I'm porting.)

I noticed that even though it has GRAYED set, it becomes enabled as soon
as I write a command handler for it. It doesn't make any difference,
though, because the code for the ON_UPDATE_COMMAND_UI that corresponds to
this menu item will be the same. I just thought it was odd that the
"GRAYED" flag/attribute or whatever it's called was ignored.
It's a program that runs a simulation and has start and a stop menu item,
and these should be disabled when appropriate. When the program is
initially loaded no simulation is running, thus the GRAYED part in the
resource script, I guess (I didn't write that part myself).

- Eric

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