Re: Anyone Figured Out How to Set Menu Image in Feature Pack?

"Jonathan Wood" <>
Thu, 9 Oct 2008 16:15:41 -0600
"Bogdan" <> wrote in message

It sounds like you've worked with this a bit. I wonder if I might run one
additional question by you: What about a ribbon element that does nothing
but display a menu? Where does one get an ID for such an element?

I'm afraid I don't quite understand the question. If I take the question
literally then I'd say that it is up to you to #define it in resource.h :)
but somehow I have a feeling that this is not what you are after.

Two concerns with that approach: 1) I'm not sure if the ID needs to be
within a particular range, and 2) if it's not a valid ID with a valid
command handler, then the button appears disabled.

Even though the element is not associated with any command, if I don't
associate it with a command that has a valid handler, the element is
disabled! This has also caused me to waste a lot of time.

Yeah. I'm not sure if this is a good or bad implementation on BCGSoft
side. They could argue that they follow MFC standard which is to enable a
command (toolbar or menu) if there is a handler attached to it unless
there is a corresponding ON_UPDATE_COMMAND_UI[_RANGE] which takes
precedence. In your case, the proper way of handling it would be to
define ON_UPDATE_COMMAND_UI() for the button.
I've run into a similar problem while porting a toolbar with a combo box -
did not have to have the handler in the 'classic' MFC.

Right. I've been looking over the RibbonGadgets example. It seems to just
use #define to create all the element IDs with no handlers. And yet all the
buttons are enabled. I haven't yet figured out how this is happening. :-(



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