Re: HowTo: Persistence for state of View+ StatusBar showing or hidden?

"Jonathan Wood" <>
Fri, 14 Nov 2008 15:32:15 -0700
I'm not sure where you are getting hung up. Just save the setting, and then
set it on start up.

I was thinking this was done automatically but perhaps not with older
versions of MFC. You can save the setting anywhere you like, although the
easiest place is probably to use the profile methods in the main application

Easier still, upgrade to VS 2008 SP1 and all window and control bar states
will automatically be saved between sessions for you.

Jonathan Wood
SoftCircuits Programming

"L.Allan" <> wrote in message

I want to preserve the state of whether an SDI CFormView's Status-Bar is
showing or hidden. The objective is so that when the application is started
again, the state of the Status-Bar's visibility should be the same as when
the app closed.

The MSDN documentation has a page that describes itself as obsolete for a
"catch-all" of controls:
TN022: Standard Commands Implementation

On this page, there are paragraphs associated with ID_VIEW_STATUS_BAR and
ID_VIEW_TOOLBAR that indicate:
"Customization of this command handler is not recommended. If you wish to
add additional toolbars, you will want to clone and modify the command
handler and the update-command UI handler for this command."

This has the sound of a "Danger Will Robinson" warning, but I decided to
proceed anyway.

I defined a vc6 project for TestStatusBar using SDI CFormView. I accepted
the option to have a status bar. The untouched app generated by the Wizard
worked fine as far as showing and hiding the StatusBar. Also, the checkbox
worked to reflect whether the StatusBar was SHOW'ing or HIDE'n.

Fine so far, but I want to preserve the state of the StatusBar in the
registry so it will have the same state the next time the app is started.
As generated, the StatusBar is back on when the app starts again.

When I used the vc6 ClassWizard to generate ON_COMMAND and
functionality "broke". The StatusBar stayed on, and the check-box in the
View menu for "Status Bar" stayed off.

The generated handlers were blank as for as having any parent methods to
invoke. I thought there might be something like
CFrameWnd::OnViewStatusBar, but there isn't such a call.

I want the ON_COMMAND handler to be reached so I can capture the BOOL
value of the StatusBar and toggle it. Within the handler I want to also
invoke the default behavior of switching the visibility of the StatusBar
on and off. I don't see how to do this.

Is there a native Win32 api call to accomplish this capability that MFC
doesn't provide?

I would think that if you can turn the StatusBar on and off, you would be
alble to preserve the state for the next time the app was started.

What does it mean to "clone and modify the command handler and the
update-command UI handler"?

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