Re: CControlBar & CStatusBar

"David Ching" <>
Thu, 13 Sep 2007 16:40:43 GMT
"William" <> wrote in message

Env: WindowsXP, VC++6.00

In my app, there are some toolbars and an user can show/hide them freely
just as "docktool" sample in [MSDN]does. I make a pop-up Menu to set
show/hide them toolbars as follows,

BOOL CMainFrame::PreTranslateMessage(MSG* pMsg)
if (pMsg->message == WM_RBUTTONDOWN)
 CWnd* pWnd = CWnd::FromHandlePermanent(pMsg->hwnd);
 CControlBar* pBar = DYNAMIC_DOWNCAST(CControlBar, pWnd);

 if (pBar != NULL)
  CMenu Menu;
  CPoint pt;

  pt.x = LOWORD(pMsg->lParam);
  pt.y = HIWORD(pMsg->lParam);

  if (Menu.LoadMenu(IDR_TOOLBAR))
   CMenu* pSubMenu = Menu.GetSubMenu(0);

   if (pSubMenu!=NULL)
    pSubMenu->TrackPopupMenu(TPM_LEFTALIGN |
return CFrameWnd::PreTranslateMessage(pMsg);

I hope the pop-up Menu will be showed only when I right-click their
toolbars. But when I right-click the statusbar of app, the pop-up Menu
also appears. That is, pBar is not equal to NULL.
So, how can I distinguish between CControlBar and CStatusBar?

Have you considered overriding WM_RBUTTONDOWN in a CControlBar-derived class
that both of your bars derive from? That's much more encapsulated than
doing it in MainFrame.

Also instead of looking at WM_RBUTTONDOWN, check out WM_CONTEXTMENU which is
generated when the right-click occurs in many cases.

-- David

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