Re: CStatusBar

jc <>
Thu, 6 Dec 2007 06:31:43 -0800 (PST)
that's alright. even if i use OnIdle handler, how do i trigger
ON_UPDATE_COMMAND_UI for the status bar.
are there any messages that i can send to trigger this

On Dec 6, 8:23 am, Joseph M. Newcomer <> wrote:

The OnIdle handler should trigger it. It may be necessary to create a dummy timer
notification to force the update, I'd look at that as an option.

On Thu, 6 Dec 2007 06:14:23 -0800 (PST), jc <> wrote:

Thanks for the reply.


the problem is this function is called when my mouse is on the
application and if the mouse is moving. i want the update to continue
even when the gui is not in focus

On Dec 6, 6:12 am, Paresh <> wrote:


Have you tried with



"jc" wrote:


i'm writing a Data acquisition software. when i start the recording i
wanted to show the elapsed time in the status bar and once the
recording is stopped, the status bar should show "Rec Stopped"

My code is as follows

static UINT BASED_CODE indicators[] ={
   ID_SEPARATOR, // status line indicator



int CParentFrame::OnCreate(LPCREATESTRUCT lpCS){
   //if(CMDIFrameWnd::OnCreate(lpCS) == -1) return -1;
   if(CreateAndDockToolBar() == -1) return -1;
   m_pMenu = new CMenu();
   size_t sizeIndicator;
   sizeIndicator = sizeof(indicators);
   //m_wndToolBar = new CToolBar();

   if (!m_wndStatusBar.Create(this) ||!
m_wndStatusBar.SetIndicators(indicators, sizeof(indicators)/
           TRACE0("Failed to create status bar\n");
           return -1; // fail to create

   //CStatusBarCtrl &m_csb = m_wndStatusBar.GetStatusBarCtrl();
   if(CMDITabFrameWnd::CreateTabs() == -1)
           return -1;

   UINT nID, nStyle;
   int cxWidth;
   int nIndex = m_wndStatusBar.CommandToIndex(ID_STATUS_BAR_SAVE);
   m_wndStatusBar.GetPaneInfo(nIndex, nID, nStyle, cxWidth);
   m_wndStatusBar.SetPaneInfo(nIndex, nID, nStyle | SBT_OWNERDRAW,

   return 0;

void CParentFrame::UpdateStatusBarText(jcStr *ptrText){
   UINT uiPane;
   UINT uiStyle;
   int uiWidth;
   CRect rectPane;

   int nIndex = m_wndStatusBar.CommandToIndex(IDS_STATUS_MEASURE); //the
program crash in debug
                                                        //right here
or any way i used m_wndStatusBar

   m_wndStatusBar.GetPaneInfo(nIndex, uiPane, uiStyle, uiWidth);

   CDC *pDC;
   pDC = m_wndStatusBar.GetDC();
   pDC->DrawText(_T(ptrText->ReturnStr()), -1, rectPane, DT_CALCRECT);
   m_wndStatusBar.SetPaneInfo(nIndex, uiPane, uiStyle,
   m_wndStatusBar.SetPaneText(nIndex, ptrText->ReturnStr());

where jcStr is an object similar to CString

i created a thread which updates the string pointer every 1 second and
calls the above function to update the status bar.

also when i ran the same application on a different computer(the
release mode) then status bar would not show the elapsed time, while
it shows the same in my computer

please point me in the right direction


Joseph M. Newcomer [MVP]
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