How to capture toolbar button command

"Nick Schultz" <>
Mon, 12 May 2008 16:55:54 -0700
Hi there,

I am trying to capture the message that is sent when one of my toolbar
buttons are pressed.
I extended the CMFCToolBar class to :

    class CGraphToolBar : public CMFCToolBar

I have message map set accordingly:

        ON_COMMAND(IDD_TOOLBAR_NEW, OnNewElementBtn)

in the constructor, i create all my buttons (using one as an example):

    m_saveBtn = new CMFCToolBarButton(IDD_TOOLBAR_SAVE,3);

I add the button in the OnCreate function:


And i have a simple handler function:

    void CGraphToolBar::OnNewElementBtn(){

When I run the program and click the button (the button is greyed out by the
way), I get this message instead:

    Warning: no message line prompt for ID 0x0032.

I'm not sure what I am doing wrong, where should I be capturing this



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