DeleteImageList returns with NULL and the program gets GDI resourc

=?Utf-8?B?QWt1c3Rpa2FudGVu?= <>
Tue, 27 Jan 2009 05:08:03 -0800
Hi all,
I'm working on a windows XP SP3 computer with VC++ 2005.
I will change the standard toolbar to a true color toolbar.
The following function works fine, but I get GDI resource leaks.
Every time the call "m_pColdImageList->DeleteImageList();" returns with "0"
and the call "m_pHotImageList->DeleteImageList();" returns with "1".
If the return value is "0", the GDI resource counter increments.

When I don??t send the "TB_SETIMAGELIST" to the toolbar, I don??t get a leak.
Unfortunately the result is not the same. :(
Certainly the code is not very optimized. When I call the function
CreateToolbarsWithLeaks(), the m_pHotToolBar and the both imagelists will be
created again. But I need for another application exact such a construct.

I don??t understand why the "DeleteImageList" function return with "0".
Can anybody help me.
void CMainFrame::CreateToolbarsWithLeaks()
 if (m_pHotToolBar)
  delete m_pHotToolBar;
  m_pHotToolBar = NULL;

 if (m_pColdImageList)
  BOOL bRet = m_pColdImageList->DeleteImageList();
  delete m_pColdImageList;
  m_pColdImageList = NULL;

 if (m_pHotImageList)
  BOOL bRet = m_pHotImageList->DeleteImageList();
  delete m_pHotImageList;
  m_pHotImageList = NULL;

 m_pHotToolBar = new CToolBar;

 if (!m_pHotToolBar->Create(this) ||
  TRACE0("Failed to create toolbar\n");
  return ; // fail to create

 m_pHotToolBar->ModifyStyle(0, TBSTYLE_FLAT);

 // Set up hot bar image lists.
 CBitmap bitmapCold;
 CBitmap bitmapHot;
 if (!m_pColdImageList)
  m_pColdImageList = new CImageList;
 if (!m_pHotImageList)
  m_pHotImageList = new CImageList;

 // Create and set the normal toolbar image list.
 m_pColdImageList->Create(21, 20, ILC_COLORDDB|ILC_MASK, 13, 1);
 m_pColdImageList->Add(&bitmapCold, RGB(255,0,255));
 m_pHotToolBar->SendMessage(TB_SETIMAGELIST, 0,

 // Create and set the hot toolbar image list.
 m_pHotImageList->Create(21, 20, ILC_COLORDDB|ILC_MASK, 13, 1);
 m_pHotImageList->Add(&bitmapHot, RGB(255,0,255));
 m_pHotToolBar->SendMessage(TB_SETHOTIMAGELIST, 0,

 // TODO: Delete these three lines if you don't want the toolbar to
 // be dockable


Thanks for any reply :)

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