Re: Changing toolbar captions

Ajay <>
Wed, 3 Jun 2009 08:17:39 -0700 (PDT)
On Jun 3, 10:43 am, "David Webber" <>

"Ajay" <> wrote in message

I am getting frustrated trying to change my toolbar captions (when th=


decides he wants to see them in a different language)....

I dont exactly recall what I did but its not going to work the way you

are doing it. I remember doing GetParentFrame or something like that
(to get to CMiniDockFrame ??) and then changing the title. Run Spy++
to see the layout and then change the text of the parent. IIRC,
floating introduces another frame or something on those lines.<

Thanks Ajay. Brilliant!

The class is CMiniFrameWnd - one I hadn't come across before. You'=

re spot

on: one of these is put round the toolbar when it is floated. Spy+=

+ shows

me it, and after I have changed the CToolBar's caption, I can see the gre=


area in the midddle is a window with the new caption, and what looks like
the frame is another window with the old caption!

More details are hard to find in the documentation. However
CControlBar::GetDockingFrame() is documented as returning a pointer to th=


frame around a floating toolbar, so bingo! the following code does it=


    CToolBar pWndToolBar = ...

     pWndToolBar->SetWindowText( sCaption );

     // Now if this is floating, it has an associated
     // CMiniFrameWnd which has the caption bar. We
     // need to change its text too.
     // CControlBar::GetDockingFrame() is documented as
     // giving the CMiniFrameWnd as long as the toolbar
     // is floating. And so:

     if( pWndToolBar->IsFloating() )
      CFrameWnd *pWndFrame = pWndToolBar->GetDockingFrame();
      if( pWndFrame ) pWndFrame->SetWindowText( sCaption );

Simple when you know how!

It took me a long while to understand the whole toolbar/control bar
architecture. I thinks its one of the worst designs in MFC. I did
indicate it to MSFT/VC program manager as well when I was there in 2001
(?). However after having gone thru the design, I felt very
comfortable with it.

I feel guilty that I havent used MFC in a long time.


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