Re: CTooBar Memory Management

"Jonathan Wood" <>
Wed, 31 May 2006 21:16:03 -0600
I'm not sure exactly what you are doing but, as far as what the MFC
engineers had in mind, it's not necessary to implement new or delete. The
wizards will create a bass application that handles this for you. Perhaps
you should create a new application from scratch and see how that handles

Jonathan Wood
SoftCircuits Programming

"AVee" <> wrote in message

I have found experimentally that even though I create the toolbar's image
list on the heap (in my CFrame's Create() ) using "new", the object gets
deleted when the toolbar is destroyed. Thus without using "delete" when
destroying the frame I get do NOT get a memory leak from the image list
object. (If I do delete it from within the frame's destructor the program
exits abruptly from an assertion error). However, when I similarly create
disabled image list with "new", I MUST delete it explicitly, otherwise I
a memory leak. So, my question is "what method did MFC engineers have in
for deleting CToolBar's disabled image list?" - from the frame's
from a function that I don't know about? or from an subclass of CToolBar
I need to write? It would be helpful to know which method MFC uses to
the disabled image list in statically created toolbars.

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