Re: Hovering menus

"Tom Serface" <>
Thu, 10 Aug 2006 11:31:32 -0700
You could do something like this:

Only in a timer that drops the menu automatically if the mouse hovers over
the toolbar button for a couple of seconds (I think you could use
HitTest()). You can use the drop down button idea or just use a context
menu that can pop up anywhere.


"Duy Lam" <> wrote in message

Is there any way to make the toolbar such that if you hover over
certain items in the toolbar it displays a popup submenu relevant to
that item. You see this on many websites, for instance - you just hover
over an icon or something and a submenu pops up, and when you hover
over the next icon, a different menu pops up. I'm familiar with
customizing CControlBars (such that I can pretty much place whatever I
want on the control bar). However, I'm having a difficult time figuring
out how these "hovering menus" would actually work.

Do anyone know any examples of this functionality anywhere? I can't
seem to find any.


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