Re: CStatusBar giving problems w/ pointer crash

"Tom Serface" <>
Thu, 14 Sep 2006 17:17:31 -0700
At first glance I don't see anything wrong, but it sounds like the panes
aren'g getting created. I assume you've checked the return code from
SetParts() (even though you didnt' in this sample), but you might want to
try called GetParts() right after to see what actually got created (assuming
SetParts() is returning "true").


"Mark Randall" <> wrote in message


I am creating a status bar as follows:


and then proceding to set its panes.

CStatusBarCtrl& bar = c_StatusBar.GetStatusBarCtrl();
int align = 0;
int widths[] = {
   align+ 0, // status and time
   align+=40, // avatar
   align+=40, // bots
   align+=40, // tourists
   align+=40 };
const int parts_total = sizeof(widths) / sizeof(widths[0]);
bar.SetParts(parts_total, widths);
for (int i = 0; i < parts_total; i++)
   c_StatusBar.SetPaneStyle(i, SBPS_POPOUT);

SetPaneStyle however blows up with debug showing that it finds a null
pointer for the pane. - This code is all being executed on OnInitDialog
however doing it on other notifications (ie: buttons) fails also with the
same error.

Could anyone advise please?

- Mark Randall

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