Re: CDialogBar in a CDialog Appl. for HeaderCtrl Column Chooser?

"Tom Serface" <>
Thu, 8 Mar 2007 13:29:06 -0800
Seems to me that reording the columns would be more than adjusting the
header control. If you want to do a field chooser you could easily delete
columns and add them back to get the columns and order that you want. If
you use a virtual list control you can provide any string for any column at
run time so that makes that part pretty straightforward. I would just
display the columns with a checkbox next to each, allow users to select what
they want, and then redo the control when the user closes the dialog.
Unless, you want it to be more visual than that... then you'd have to pop up
the dialog as a non-modal and make changes as the user is clicking columns
on or off and/or repositioning them.


"dk_abs0" <> wrote in message

I am trying to implement a "Column Chooser" for a Report style ListCtrl in
Dialog based application - very much like Outlook's "Field Chooser" or
Maarten Hoeben's "Report control - an Outlook 2000 style SuperGrid Report
Control", at The Code Project.
My problems so far are:
a. Maarten Hoeben's solution is way over the top for me, when I already
an existing application with a ListCtrl and HeaderCtrl already working
(except for this extra feature!).
b. The CDialogBar solution is very neat and looks great but it is based on
CFrameWnd, which contains things like OnBarCheck and
My application is based on CDialog.
c. The standard CHeaderCtrl only supports Drag & Drop within the control -
i.e. changing the order of columns by dragging and dropping. With the
"Outlook" "Field Chooser" approach, I need to drag/drop columns from/onto
HeaderCtrl and the DialogBar.

Is this at all possible or am I asking the impossible?

All help gratefully received (working snippets of code even more

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