Re: ARGH! need help with TOOLTIPS...

"Tom Serface" <>
Tue, 14 Aug 2007 07:29:52 -0700
Tooltips generally appear after the mouse is over the hittest area for a
second or so. They do that so the user can see what's under it before the
tooltip covers it over. When you come back from the drop down list, I bet
if you move off the toolbar button and then back on again you'll see the
tip. This is normal. I guess you could pop up the tooltip again when the
drop down closes by using GetToolTips() to get the tooltip control for the
CToolBarCtrl perhaps by calling RelayEvent or Update. I've never tried it.


"Somebody" <> wrote in message

I'm using the MFC EnableTooltips() / OnToolHitTest() mechanism in my
window. Everything seems to work except one scenario.

1) I mouse over a toolbar button OK
2) the tooltip shows up OK
3) I press the left mouse button OK
4) the tooltip goes away OK
5) the toolbar button dropdown appears OK
6) I close the dropdrop down with the mouse over the original toolbar
button OK
7) no tooltip appears ERROR! (it may sometimes appear if I move the mouse
1 pixel)

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