Re: CFrameWnd:: SetDockState

"Sheng Jiang[MVP]" <>
Mon, 25 Feb 2008 12:00:55 -0600
It seems you are reporting this issue to Microsoft at
You can provide a reset command line switch or option to reset saved toolbar
Sheng Jiang
Microsoft MVP in VC++
"rjparkin" <> wrote in message


I'm in the process of updating a project from VS2003 to VS2008. After
finally getting the project to build/link its crashes on start up. After


investigation I narrowed the problem down to the following function
CFrameWnd:: SetDockState.

VS2008 Version of CFrameWnd:: SetDockState

else // regular dock bar or toolbar in the loading state
     pInfo->m_pBar = GetControlBar(pInfo->m_nBarID);

     ASSERT(pInfo->m_pBar != NULL); //toolbar id's probably changed

     if ((pInfo->m_pBar->m_pDockBar != NULL) &&
         (pInfo->m_pBar->m_pDockBar->m_bFloating)) // control is floating


the current state

     // need to dock the control bar

          DockControlBar (pInfo->m_pBar);

Should the code not check to make sure pInfo_m_pBar != NULL before
attempting to access pInfo->m_pBar->m_pDockBar? It certainly seems to for


rest of the code in the function


 // the second pass will actually dock all of the control bars and
 // set everything correctly
 for (i = 0; i < state.m_arrBarInfo.GetSize(); i++)

 CControlBarInfo* pInfo = (CControlBarInfo*)state.m_arrBarInfo;

 ASSERT(pInfo != NULL);

 if (pInfo->m_pBar != NULL)

pInfo->m_pBar->SetBarInfo(pInfo, this);


This is not a problem for the VS2003 version as it never accesses


VS2003 Version of CFrameWnd:: SetDockState

else // regular dock bar or toolbar

pInfo->m_pBar = GetControlBar(pInfo->m_nBarID);

     ASSERT(pInfo->m_pBar != NULL); //toolbar id's probably changed

Any thoughts?



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