Re: Designing a View

"Tom Serface" <>
Wed, 14 May 2008 23:21:47 -0700
You could use a CFormView with a graphics control (or controls) on it like:

That way you could easily have other controls you may need like standard
list controls, edit controls, etc. as well.


"Nick Schultz" <> wrote in message

My program is basically a packet sniffer on a proprietary bus. Besides
having a simple ListControl displaying each packet, my program will also
need a grapher that plots data found within the packets.

So I'm figuring (I hope) that my CDocument will essentially store a linked
list that gets continously fed (when the play button is pressed) with
packets as they get broadcasted onto the bus. (hooking onto the bus and
everything bus related will be handled by me in a separate DLL).

So the ListControl view will simply display each packet on a line and that
should be easy for me to figure out since there is a CListView class
already created.

The grapher is a little bit more trickier since I have to create the view
from scratch. So far, I have a CGrapher class which is derived from
CDockablePane that contains COpenGLWnd (a CWnd derived class that contains
OpenGL functionality), and CGraphToolBar ( a CMFCToolBar derived class
that creates controls on the toolbar and provides a way for CGrapher to
pull control states on the toolbar. Essentially the tool bar is the
Input(what type of data to plot, setting the graph's scale,etc), the
COpenGLWnd is the output(drawing the selected data to the correct scale),
and CGrapher is the glue that bonds them together. As you can see, there
is no view associated with the Graph.

What should a view contain? Should I combine the code of
COpenGLWnd,CGraphToolBar, and CGrapher into my new View class, so that
CGrapher will be just a CDockablePane that simply contains a View and have
the view determine how its graph window and toolbar is placed within the

I think if I continue using the design I have now, it will work, however
the code is becoming really messy ( it seems like a view should be
something on a higher level, rather than burried within classes)So what
are the recommendations when creating a view from scratch?



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