Re: SaveBarState fails when it is called from a thread

"Tom Serface" <>
Wed, 9 Jul 2008 04:00:11 -0700
Hi Faisal,

I'm not sure what is taking so much time in the SaveBarState() call, but if
you were going to do this in a thread you would want to send a message to
the mainframe window to tell a function there to do the save rather than
calling the function direction from the thread code. When are you saving
the state and what else needs to go on while that is happening? If you are
doing this at the end of program or nothing else is happening while you are
waiting to save it you could just use an hourglass or something to tell the
user to wait the few seconds.


"Faisal" <> wrote in message


In my application, I use SaveBarState() for persisting control bar
The code fragment is something like this.

void CMainFrame::OnSavePersistance()
SaveBarState(_T("My Persistence"));
      // Saves some information to an xml file

Since my xml saving takes some time I changed the code to execute in a

UINT ThreadFn(LPVOID pParam)
CMainFrame* pThis = (CMainFrame*)pParam;
pThis->SaveBarState(_T("My Persistence"));

return 0;

void CMainFrame::OnCntrlbartst()
AfxBeginThread( ThreadFn, this );

But, now in the thread function SaveBarState() fails. It shows some
assertion in debug version. I think it is due to some mismatch in

statck trace for assert
CWnd::AssertValid() line 879 + 25 bytes
CControlBar::AssertValid() line 976
CStatusBar::AssertValid() line 732
AfxAssertValidObject(const CObject * 0x00431510 {CStatusBar
hWnd=0x00180c7e}, const char * 0x5f4ccfe8 THIS_FILE, int 531) line 108
CControlBar::GetBarInfo(CControlBarInfo * 0x00433d70) line 534
CFrameWnd::GetDockState(CDockState & {CDockState}) line 520
CFrameWnd::SaveBarState(const char * 0x0041844c `string') line 443
ThreadFn(void * 0x00431450) line 174

How can I avoid this problem?

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