Re: Need help using the new MFC feature pack classes

"Jonathan Wood" <>
Sun, 1 Feb 2009 10:39:18 -0700
I don't know what issue you are seeing based on what you've posted. I would
create a new project using the classes you want. Determine how it works and
examine any performance concerns you have. If it looks good, you can look at
either copying code over to your app or the other way around.

Jonathan Wood
SoftCircuits Programming

"BarryFromBoston" <> wrote in

I have ported our C/C++ MFC application from Visual Studio 6 to Visual
2008. I am now attempting to add support for the new MFC classes that are
part of the feature pack. I have added classes like CWinAppEx,
CMDIFrameWndEx, CMDIChildEx and CMFCStatusBar successfully in an attempt
improve our GUI. However, i cannot get our legacy CDialogBar and CToolBar
GUI items to show up. These worked just fine using Visual Studio 6 and
4.2. The documentation I have found online does not tell me much about
to do this.

I also have concerns about the performance of builds when using these new
classes (up from 4 to 12 minutes to link) and image size (was 13 MB, now
to 56 MB). Are these increases to be expected or is there something that
be done to reduce them? I see no mention of these increases in the
documentation i can find.

Is there some better documentation than i have found online on development
with these new classes?

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