Hello Experts ! Problem in inserting items in one CListCtrl based on another CLisTCtrl

11 May 2006 15:19:39 -0700
Hello Experts and ALiR,

I have 2 ClistCtrls and both are sublassed
CMyListCtrlOne and

In the CFromView ,I am initilaizing the column ,width and also add
items for CMyListCtrlOne
and for the CMyListCtrlTwo I am I am initilaizing the column ,width
and When I click any item related to CMyListCtrlOne ,in the OnClcik
handler I get the row and data.

Now I want to add this data in the second list CMyListCtrlTwo

Here is the code.....Tell me where I am going wrong.

After running this app I get a debug assertion

file name:afxcmn.inl
line no:142

Thanks in advance

In CFormView.cpp
void CMCView::OnInitialUpdate()


    m_myListCtrl.SetExtendedStyle( LVS_EX_FULLROWSELECT);

    CString buffer[4][3] = {

// ResizeParentToFit();

//First CListCtrl1
    m_myListCtrl.InsertColumn(0, "Column 1");
    m_myListCtrl.InsertColumn(1, "Column 2");
                 m_myListCtrl.InsertColumn(2, "Column 3");

            m_myListCtrl.SetColumnWidth(0, 100);
    m_myListCtrl.SetColumnWidth(1, 100);
    m_myListCtrl.SetColumnWidth(2, 100);

//Second CListCtrl1
    m_myListSeriesCtrl.InsertColumn(0, "Column 11");
    m_myListSeriesCtrl.InsertColumn(1, "Column 22");
              m_myListSeriesCtrl.InsertColumn(2, "Column 33");

    m_myListSeriesCtrl.SetColumnWidth(0, 100);
    m_myListSeriesCtrl.SetColumnWidth(1, 100);
    m_myListSeriesCtrl.SetColumnWidth(2, 100);

CString strText;
int nColumnCount = m_myListCtrl.GetHeaderCtrl()->GetItemCount();

// Insert 10 items in the list view control.
for (int i=0;i < 10;i++)
   strText.Format(TEXT("item %d"), i);

   // Insert the item, select every other item.
      LVIF_TEXT|LVIF_STATE, i, strText,
      (i%2)==0 ? LVIS_SELECTED : 0, LVIS_SELECTED,
      0, 0);

   // Initialize the text of the subitems.
   for (int j=1;j < nColumnCount;j++)
      strText.Format(TEXT("sub-item %d %d"), i, j);
      m_myListCtrl.SetItemText(i, j, strText);


In First CListCtrl1 onClick()
void CMyListCtrl::OnClick(NMHDR* pNMHDR, LRESULT* pResult)
    // TODO: Add your control notification handler code here
// AfxMessageBox("CMyListCtrl:: OnClick");
    CString strMessage;

    *pResult = 0;
    int nRow = GetNextItem(-1, LVNI_SELECTED);
    strMessage.Format("Row selected is % d ",nRow +1);
    CString ItemData1= GetItemText(nRow,0);
    CString ItemData2= GetItemText(nRow,1);
    CString ItemData3= GetItemText(nRow,2);

    AfxMessageBox(ItemData1 + ItemData2 + ItemData3);

//Adding items in the second list control
    m_myListSeriesCtrl.SetItemText(0, 1, "12341");
    m_myListSeriesCtrl.SetItemText(0, 2, "12341");


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