Re: Variable ID in message map

Ian Semmel <>
Thu, 25 May 2006 05:16:01 +1000
You can try overriding OnCommand and you can do things like

BOOL CMyDerivedClass::OnCommand(WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam)
   if ( HIWORD ( wParam ) == CBN_SELCHANGE )
     if ( LOWORD ( wParam ) == id_im_interested_in )
    // do my stuff if necessary
   return CParentClass_eg_CFormView::OnCommand ( wParam, lParam );

Frank Molski wrote:

I have a base dialog in one dll that is used by derived dialogs in other
dlls. Currently, the base dialog uses some edit controls. In order to use
resource pools from the other dlls, the derived classes (which have more
controls) pass IDs of controls present in the base class, in the

Now, I need to add a checkbox and a combobox to the base class. As for the
other controls present in the base class, I tried to pass IDs for the boxes
in the constructor or another function. However, I run into a problem when
trying to use variable control IDs in the message map of the base class.
                ON_BN_CLICKED( nCheckID, OnCheckFunction)
                ON_CBN_SELCHANGE( nComboID, OnSelChangeFunction)

would not accept variables for the IDs (compiler error).

Any ideas how to solve the problem (other than putting the additional
controls in all derived classes)?


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