Re: resize SDI Application Flickers

"Tom Serface" <>
Wed, 23 Aug 2006 07:59:32 -0700
You could try implementing this code:

It says it's for dialogs (in the title), but it also works for various kinds
of views as well.


"Neo" <> wrote in message

I made SDI Application in vs2k5. My View class called CproblemView is
inherited from CFormView class. I placed one CListCtrl and one
Multi-line CEdit Control on it for performing resizing on these items.
I wrote the following code in WM_SIZE message. (callCount is
initialized to Zero (0) in constructor).

void CproblemView::OnSize(UINT nType, int cx, int cy)
this->SetScrollSizes( MM_TEXT, CSize( cx, cy ) );
CFormView::OnSize(nType, cx, cy);
//IDC_LIST1 is Resource ID of List Control
if( ::IsWindow( this->m_hWnd ) && this->GetDlgItem( IDC_LIST1 ) !=
NULL && callCount == 3 )
CRect rectWindow = NULL;
this->GetWindowRect( rectWindow );

CRect rectItem = NULL;
//m_TextControl is Object of CListCtrl
this->m_TextControl.GetWindowRect( rectItem );

LONG t1 =,
l1 = rectWindow.left,
r1 = rectWindow.right,
b1 = rectWindow.bottom,
t2 =,
l2 = rectItem.left,
r2 = rectItem.right,
b2 = rectItem.bottom;
//m_TextControl is Object of CListCtrl
this->m_TextControl.MoveWindow( 0, 140, r2 - l2, cy - (t2 - t1) );
//m_List is Object of CEdit
this->m_List.MoveWindow( 265, 15, cx - 265, cy - 15 );
callCount ++;

Now when I resize SDI Application Flickers A LOT on Resizing time using
mouse. Does my code has any problem that is causing the flickering?


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