Re: Child dialogs not receiving focus

=?Utf-8?B?TWtlbm5lZHkxMTAy?= <>
Wed, 30 Aug 2006 09:36:02 -0700
Right now that is ALL of my dialog code, I haven't done anything with it yet,
just trying to get functionality, let me paste the code for you...

void CCView::OnInitialUpdate()
    m_list.AddString("Page 1");
    m_list.AddString("Page 2");

void CCView::OnSelchangeList1()

void CCView::showPage(int page)
    if(page == 0)
    if(page == 1)

Thats it, I haven't modified the code for either dialog at all. I have
added an edit box and a pushbutton to page1 (with a template) and a checkbox
and a radio button to page2(also with a template)but I have not attached
anything to any of the controls. Even given that, clicking on the edit box
does NOT place a caret in it, clicking the checkbox does NOT change it's
state, etc. they are just dead.

"David Lowndes" wrote:

If I include a call to SetFocus, I can TAB between the controls and enter
input while one has focus, but as soom as I try to click on one the focus for
the dialog is lost altogether.

What you describe sounds mighty odd. The problem situation is usually
that things work with the mouse and not the keyboard.

Have you tried eliminating all (or most) of your dialog code to see if
it behaves OK then?


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