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Thu, 25 Feb 2010 04:50:01 -0800
"RB" wrote:

  I have created the below code that actually works and compiles with
zero errors and zero warnings. I would like criticism and input on
it from all angles, First off is there a better way to do this. Does
my code have problems etc. (granted I have left some error checking
out to keep it brief)
 This all started when I wanted to change the font type and size in my
FormView Listbox. I always try to keep everything within MFC since I
want to concentrate on my stuff and not windows stuff. But everywhere
I looked on the net for changing a font in a resource control had stuff
setting the Owner Draw style to yes and writing an owner draw function
of DrawItem( LPDRAWITEMSTRUCT lpDrawItemStruct ) which I eventually
did learn to create and get working BUT in the process I ran across some
things that made me think I did not have to write the owner draw function
and I could set the font with supplied MFC control functions.
 And therein became this code. I have a standard MFC appwizard app with
the generated view class having the CFormView as the base class
Then I created a Listbox in the resource editor (on top of the FormView)
with the following styles Selection = None and
OwnerDraw = No (since I no longer need DrawItem)
Vertical scroll and No integral height are checked, & no extended styles.
    Then in my FormView class header file I put the New font declaration of
----------header file-----------------------------------
class CTry_2View : public CFormView
  protected: // create from serialization only
 enum { IDD = IDD_TRY_2_FORM };
 CListBox m_FormListBoxObj;

// Attributes
 CTry_2Doc* GetDocument();
//// >>>>>HERE IS FUTURE NEW FONT FOR MY LISTBOX <<<<<<<////////
  CFont NewFont; // Construct instance of CFont class for new font.

// Operations
etc etc ....
--------------cpp file------------------------------------
Then in the destructor of the cpp file I put the DeleteObject
 : CFormView(CTry_2View::IDD)
  // NOTE: the ClassWizard will add member initialization here
 // TODO: add construction code here

CTry_2View::~CTry_2View() // add destructor any code here
{ ////>>>>> HERE IS MY CLEAN UP OF FONT <<<<<<<<///////
  NewFont.DeleteObject(); // this CFont NewFont obj is declared in this
                                            // view class's header file.
----------NOW further down in this same cpp file I put a button handler
that changes the listbox font when clicked. The button was also created
in the resource editor and the skeleton handler was added through the
class wizard. I basically came up with all this code my own by experimenting
with what I could find in the help files and seeing what intellisense would
offer me on each item so I expect some criticism on my novice level creation.
And are there still reasons I should go with the owner draw scenario as
opposed to this way?

//-------------Begin OnChangeFontClick function------------//
void CTry_2View::OnChangeFontClick()
   // Create instance of CClientDC class to this ( CWnd* )
   CClientDC dc(this);

   //create CFont Ptr to current font obj of listbox
   //The m_FormListBoxObj is a ClassWizard created listbox variable
   //of category Control and type CListBox
   CFont *pOldListBoxFont = m_FormListBoxObj.GetFont();

   // Declare old LOGFONT to save just in case I needed it later
   LOGFONT OldFontLogStruct;
   LOGFONT* pOldFontLogStruct = &OldFontLogStruct; //create ptr to it.

   // fill OldFontLogStuct with current font data

   // Declare a New LOGFONT struct variable
   LOGFONT NewFontLogStruct;
   LOGFONT* pNewFontLogStruct = &NewFontLogStruct; //create ptr to it.

   // copy the old stuff to new
   *pNewFontLogStruct = *pOldFontLogStruct;

   // CFont NewFont is declared in header file and destructed
   //(DeleteObject) in cpp file of the generated View class.
   CFont *pNewFont = &NewFont; // create ptr to it.

   // set the values we are concerned with in new font
   NewFontLogStruct.lfPitchAndFamily = (FF_MODERN || FIXED_PITCH);

                      // lfHeight is negative int so convert abs.
   NewFontLogStruct.lfHeight = ( abs( pOldFontLogStruct->lfHeight ) + 4);

              // Courier New is a fixed space font
   strcpy(NewFontLogStruct.lfFaceName, "Courier New");

   // Create the new font with updated NewFontLogStruct
   BOOL FontCreation = NewFont.CreateFontIndirect(&NewFontLogStruct);

   if (FontCreation == 0)
     MessageBox("Font creation failed!", "Error", MB_OK | MB_ICONEXCLAMATION);
    { // Now set the font to the listbox control in my formview class
       m_FormListBoxObj.SetFont(pNewFont, TRUE);
} // end of function


Don't know if you've been told about this but you have (logical operator)..

NewFontLogStruct.lfPitchAndFamily = (FF_MODERN || FIXED_PITCH);

which should be

NewFontLogStruct.lfPitchAndFamily = (FF_MODERN | FIXED_PITCH);

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