Re: CformView: set size at startup

mfc <>
Thu, 12 Aug 2010 12:57:31 -0700 (PDT)
On 12 Aug., 21:46, "ScottMcP [MVP]" <> wrote:

On Aug 12, 10:03 am, mfc <> wrote:


could someone tell me how is it possible to set the size of the
cmainframe window to 800x480 pixel?

I`ve tried a few methods, but nothing works....


//get dialog based units
int nXpx = 533, nYpx =295;
CRect rect(0, 0, nXpx, nYpx);
MapDialogRect(m_hWnd, &rect);
int nXdbu = rect.right;
int nYdbu = rect.bottom;

int heigth = 480;
int width = 800;

CRect m_rc( 0, 0, ((width * nXpx) / nXdbu), ((heigth * nYpx) /
//MapDialogRect: dialog box units are required by the rect imput
if(::MapDialogRect(m_hWnd, &m_rc))



In the end, it would be great to set the window at the specfic screen
position 0,0 with the size 800x480 pixel. Using ScreenToClient won`t
work because the window-handle is not valid at this time...

I hope someone have an idea!

best regards

To set the size of the mainframe you should be writing code in
CMainFrame::OnCreate. I don't understand what your code here is
trying to do, but you should not be concerned at all with dialog
units. Why do you want your window at a fixed dimension? It will be
annoingly small on high resolution screens.- Zitierten Text ausblenden -

- Zitierten Text anzeigen -

I`m working on a embedded device with an 800x480 screen; but I also
want to develop some GUIs at my home computer, where the screen
resolution is much higher. If I will get there an image size of
800x480, too - then I have the same aspect ratio (that would be

Is the code above ok, if I write it in the OnCreate method?

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