Re: document class

mfc <>
Wed, 22 Sep 2010 13:54:48 -0700 (PDT)
here`s one example for the network class - at the moment I`ve
installed one public member in the document class.... public because
the view also needs this variable... but maybe there`s a better
solution to transfer this variable to the view class

class CMIAppDoc : public CDocument
protected: // Nur aus Serialisierung erstellen

    CNetwork m_network;
                CXmlFile XmlFile;

void CMIAppView::OnInitialUpdate()

               //init network thread for http webserver (a valid view
must be available -> first place here to init this thread
               ((CMIAppDoc *)GetDocument())-

m_network.InitThreads((CMIAppDoc *)GetDocument());


//UpdateData is called from the visible window which received the
information / date from the http post message - e.g. the new network
settings which have to be validated in the network class and if valid -

update xml file

int CMIAppDoc::UpdateData(CStringList *slist)
      //the CstringList includes all rxd information from the post
http port80 msg (e.g. network settings, display settings, comport

     //validate display settings.... and so on

    //validate network settings from the rxd http post message
    DWORD rtn = m_network.ValidateData(slist);
       return FALSE;

     //update xml file with these new information

   //update view


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